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Chrissy Teigen’s Uncharacteristic Negative Tweet About Coronavirus Upsets Some Fans

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Chrissy Teigen fans love her for her lighthearted approach to life. They adore her funny, quirky sense of humor and love seeing her on television. But, on Wednesday night, she came out with a negative post about the coronavirus. It seems so off-beat from the person people know, some of them comforted her. But others got so upset, they wanted her to take the tweet down.

Chrissy Teigen’s new show launches in a few days but she’s really down about coronavirus

TV Shows Ace reported that Chrissy’s new show, Chrissy’s Court comes along on April 6. It’s a sort of Judge Judy show and Chrissy gives the final ruling on minor disputes. It looks like an entertaining show, no doubt well-sprinkled with her dry humor and some satire. But, it seems the coronavirus sits on her mind rather more than that right now. She shared a post by CNN. You know the kind where it’s all doom and gloom about the virus. The media these days seldom post anything other than bad news. So people look to celebrities like Chrissy for light relief.

In her tweet about it, Chrissy Teigen noted, “not to be a downer but what if this moves around the world at a consistent pace where we have a couple months of quarantine a year until we all eventually die.” Well, maybe she didn’t plan on “being a downer,” but she certainly upset a few fans. Even though she later came back and quipped, “no no no don’t worry where will be a vaccine. I’m working on it here in the lab,” many fans became focused on the first tweet. One said, “Woah woah. This isn’t your job here @chrissyteigen. We need your content here for stuffed animals getting married, playing your butt melodies on @johnlegend‘s performances and amazing food content.”

Chrissy teigen post on coronavirus
Image screenshot – Chrissy Teigen | Twitter

Upset fans tweet back to Chrissy about negativity

More upset fans tweeted to Chrissy about her sad and negative post. One noted, “Can you chill.” Another one chipped in, “what do you gain from this tweet?” Then one upset person wrote, “delete this rn.” Then, “I was in a good mood til I read this,” said one follower. One follower commented, “Thanks @chrissyteigen now I gotta refill my inhaler.” But some astute fans also pointed out that Chrissy Teigen’s human just like the rest of us and these outbursts are symptoms of stress and anxiety. Some fans even comforted her with the thought a vaccine might become available in the future.

What do you think about Chrissy Teigen tweeting out something very uncharacteristically negative? Do you think she just reacted to the stress and fear that lies below the surface of so many people these days? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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