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Some Think They Found Proof Hannah Brown And Tyler Cameron Are Sharing A Bed

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Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make you smile. Many fans of The Bachelorette feel this way about Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron. Hannah and Tyler are quarantining together in Florida. And while they are spending everyday together, they are not admitting whether or not they are dating. However, never doubt Bachelor fans willingness to dig and find answers. There are some who think they have figured out that Hannah and Tyler are sharing the same bed. So if that’s true, could they possibly really be just friends?

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Hannah and Tyler are adorable together

These two are absolutely adorable together and their chemistry is obvious. The group of friends are all staying in the Cameron house in Florida. They call themselves the Quarantine Crew. Their Instagram posts and TikToks make staying at home a little more bearable. But is it possible Tyler and Hannah are more than friends?

Cosmopolitan shared details of what many believe proves that Hannah and Tyler are sleeping in the same bed. And yes there have been sources that say these two are not dating, however, they are definitely flirty with each other. Hannah has even made comments about Tyler’s “package.” So why do fans think they are sharing a bed? Read on!

Are they sharing a bed?

The thoughts stem from another video shared by the group in which Tyler gets fake mad at Hannah for changing the sheets on his bed. He jokingly says he only changes them every two months. That’s not the only clue. There are Reddit users who say both Hannah and Tyler’s clothes are seen in that bedroom.

And, a few days past that initial sheet changing video, Hannah is seen in that bed shopping on her computer. Tyler was seen in the video just getting out of the shower. Was she waiting for him? Obviously we will probably never know, but it is looking more and more promising that perhaps these two may end up together.

Plus, Tyler actually seemed jealous in another video when his brother Ryan had his arm on Hannah’s thigh. Tyler didn’t see to happy as he said, “Grabbing on her thigh pretty hard.” Ryan moved his arm.

Hannah and Tyler are there for each other

Even if these two do not end up together, they have obvious love for one another. Hannah and Tyler have been there for each other during very difficult times. Tyler just lost his mother unexpectedly and Hannah’s brother just overdosed.

Hopefully Hannah and Tyler will give up the details soon about what is really going on between them. Until then though, fans are loving the Quarantine Crew and all the laughs.


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