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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Shares Her Hang Ups About Moving

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown shares her thoughts about moving. The Browns have had quite the decade and they have another decade ahead of them. The family went through major moves: first, from Lehi, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada, and then from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, Arizona. Recently, they purchased a large plot of land called Coyote Pass for the entire family.

Kody’s four wives have been stuck in four rental homes around the city ever since. On the March 22 episode of Sister Wives, Kody’s third wife, Christine Brown, shared her thoughts on their move to Flagstaff. She wondered if uprooting the kids and moving to Arizona was ideal. She also revealed whether she would ever move back to Utah.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown admits the move to Flagstaff was “so hard”

In TLC’s sneak peek of the upcoming Sister Wives episode, Christine admits that it was difficult to move to Flagstaff, as per Showbiz Cheat Sheet. She feels that the Browns had everything they needed in Las Vegas. Christine felt they could’ve raised their kids there. Even her daughter, Aspyn, agrees with her.

“I mean, you told us what we had in Vegas perfect,” she said with tears in her eyes.

“It’s true,” Aspyn says.

Then, Christine tells Sister Wives producers that she made promises to Aspyn when the family decided to move that didn’t end up becoming true. For example, the move was supposed to be affordable enough for Kody’s wives to sell their houses. Aspyn says through tears that she’s been under a lot of stress since their move to Flagstaff.

“It’s been so hard, I can’t even tell you how hard it’s been,” Christine says. “I want to build, I want to get out there. I’m tired of wasting money everywhere.”

Despite what happened, Christine feels that she, Kody, and her sister wives are meant to stay in Flagstaff. She doesn’t feel that moving there was a “mistake.” Christine strongly feels that their family belongs there. But she’s not as optimistic about their future in Arizona.

TLC star says “living without fear” is more important than living near her kids

On the Sister Wives episode, Christine visited her daughter in Utah. She also opened up about her wish to never move back to Utah. While Kody’s third wife loves living in Utah, she didn’t feel welcome because of the family’s lawsuit, Brown v. Buhman. The Sister Wives star told producers that she wanted to live closer to her kids, most of which live in Utah with their spouses.

Unfortunately, it’s not an option during this time. Christine was raised into a fundamentalist Mormon family that practiced polygamy, as per Showbiz Cheat Sheet. She addressed the pain of having to hide her beliefs while growing up. She even pretended to not know who her father was in public because her mom was one of his “spiritual wives.”

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Christine can’t see herself doing that again in Utah. The dedicated plural wife told Aspyn that she couldn’t live with “the law over her head” over there.

“It is important to live without fear and just be who we are and live openly,” she told TLC’s producers. “When it came down to it, that was more important than living close to our kids.”

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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