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‘Grey’s Anatomy:’ Door Is Still Open For Alex Karev To Return

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While fans are sad to see Justin Chambers leaving the role of Alex Karev, he hasn’t been killed off. He could return if he chooses. In the episode of Grey’s Anatomy on March 5, fans had to say goodbye to Alex Karev. However, the character has not been killed off. Justin Chambers, the long-standing actor who played the role, needs a break after 16 years. But Shonda Rimes is keeping the door open for him.

Grey’s Anatomy–Alex Karev leaves Seattle

Jo (Camilla Luddington) had been worrying about her husband Alex for quite a few episodes. She’s been sending him messages and hearing nothing from him. In the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, fans found out that Alex had left behind his life in Seattle and his wife Jo. He sent a letter to Jo to tell her he was returning to Izzie (Katherine Heigl) and their two children.

Obviously fans were not impressed about Alex’s departure from the show. However, the character has not been killed off. In fact, a spokesperson for Shonda Rimes told US Weekly there is a reason why he wasn’t killed off. Producers want to keep a door open for his return. This is in case Justin ever chooses to come back.

Justin Chambers said in January he was moving on

Back in January, Chambers, 49, released a statement. He said that after 16 solid years on Grey’s Anatomy, he wants to move on to other projects. A source for the show explained that Justin has been struggling with the heavy filming schedule of the popular medical series. Reportedly the daily work schedule often goes to around 14 hours a day, which takes a huge toll on anyone.

A second source reassured fans that Justin’s exit from the show “had nothing to do with the show, cast or producers.” It is simply because Chambers wants to take a break and take care of himself. He also wants to spend time with his wife Keisha and their five children, Isabella, Eva, Maya, Kaila and Jackson.

Krista Vernoff, a showrunner for Grey’s Anatomy, said they have all loved writing Alex’s role. They have also loved watching Justin’s portrayal of the character. Everyone has “grown up alongside Alex Karev” over 16 seasons and for 16 years. Of course, faithful fans have also known him for that length of time.

Vernoff continued by saying they have been frustrated with Alex’s limitations. But they have also been inspired by his growth. All the cast and crew have come to love Justin in the role. They think of him as one of their best friends. Krista said they would all miss Chambers terribly and are grateful for his impact. This is not only on the show, but on their hearts. Naturally, this is also true for his many fans, throughout the world.

Grey’s Anatomy–Jo is moving on without Alex

Naturally, Camilla Luddington, who plays Alex’s wife, Jo, will also miss him. Karev had left Jo by sending her a letter and Camilla has yet to speak out about his leaving. However, Luddington did post an image to Instagram. This shows her relaxing by a pool and reading a new script. There is no doubt Jo will continue, with or without Alex!

One fan commented they couldn’t wait to see what would happen next with her character. Camilla was quick to reply: “The scripts for Jo this season are! JUST. WAIT.” So there is definitely something worth looking forward to!

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