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‘LPBW’ Caryn Chandler Undergoes Foot Surgery – Calms Fears By Fans

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LPBW star, Caryn Chandler went into surgery for her foot. Well, surgery’s always a bit scary so she felt happy that Matt Roloff went along to support her.  Of course, Matt knows how it feels since fans saw him undergo neck surgery in the TLC show. Now, fans afraid of the surgery, got their fears calmed by Caryn.

LPBW – Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff very close, he supports her at the hospital

TV Shows Ace reported that Matt and Caryn seem stronger than ever in their relationship. Many fans hope Matt proposes to her. But for now, fans just need to be patient. Nevertheless, married or not, it’s obvious they enjoy a very close relationship. And, it looks like the adults in the family make an effort to remain civil towards each other. Amy’s fallen in love with Chris Marek, and Matt found new love with Caryn.

In her post about her surgery, Caryn said that she felt thankful that Matt supported her and helped her “recover.” Cheatsheet reminds us that it’s not just Matt and Caryn who enjoy a close relationship. In fact, Jackson seems to bond with his “Cha Cha” as well. That bodes well for the couple in the future. With love, bonding, trust, and thankfulness, hopefully, all goes well for the LPBW stars.

Fearful fans calmed by Caryn’s experience

Caryn explained about her surgery. She noted that she had a “painful bone spur.” Then she noted she lived with it for two years. Many fans told Caryn they hoped for feedback on her surgery as they also suffer from bone spurs. They say they fear the surgery. One wrote, “I need foot surgery! I will pray for you! I did not have mine done yet. scared.” Caryn explained she too felt fear but urged them just get it done.

Another LPBW fan said, “I have the same thing! So curious how your progress and outcome will be. Keep us posted 🌸.” Well, Caryn replied to that saying that she intends to give feedback. She said that “surgery was easy.” But she admitted she felt a bit sore. She also urged people with fears to take the plunge and go and get it done.

What is a bone spur?

The Mayo Clinic explains, “The main cause of bone spurs is the joint damage associated with osteoarthritis.” Sometimes, little “projections” form. While some people may not notice them, the condition sometimes becomes painful.

What do you think about Matt supporting Caryn as she faced her surgery? She’s urging people to have it done rather than live with it. Does that calm your fears a bit? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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