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Is Josh Duggar Using Anna’s Twitter Despite Family Ban?

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When Josh Duggar was in his late 20’s, he was banned from social media. He wasn’t banned by the social media platforms. He wasn’t banned in any legal manner. It was his family that banned him. At nearly 30-years-old, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar banned their son from social media.

Why was Josh Duggar banned from social media?

Josh Duggar is a very controversial topic in the Duggar fan base. There are a lot of scandals surrounding him. He was allegedly inappropriate with several of his younger sisters. He also had an affair. To the best of their ability, his family swept as much of it as they could under the rug.

His parents forgave him. His wife Anna forgave him. The family moved on. But, the Duggar fans (and critics) never forgot. Possibly to save face, and to keep Josh out of the spotlight as much as possible, Jim Bob and Michelle barred him from social media.

Technically, he still has access to social media through his wife.

While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar barred their son from social media. His wife Anna still has a strong social media presence. She has both a Twitter and an Instagram account. Those who followed Josh Duggar when he had social media profiles, however, know he posted very different content than his wife.

Being part of the Duggar family, Anna lives by the family rules. These rules include Josh having control and access to her social media accounts. So, because he has the login information to her accounts, it goes without saying that he could easily post on the accounts as well.

So, technically, one could argue Josh Duggar isn’t really barred from social media. He just can’t have a social media profile in his name per his parents.

Without a Crystal Ball suspects Josh Duggar uses Anna’s social media.

According to a recent upload to Without a Crystal Ball on YouTube, Katie Joy suspects Josh Duggar utilizes his wife’s social media profile. Katie explained that she noticed Anna posting a lot of unusual posts and comments about politics.

She continued to explain the content of these posts felt a lot like the type of stuff Josh used to share on social media before he was banned. The YouTuber insists Anna Duggar was never one to post politically driven topics on social media.

For the most part, Without a Crystal Ball followers seemed to agree with Katie Joy’s detective work. In fact, they admitted they would be surprised to learn Josh wasn’t actively using Anna’s social media accounts. Here’s some of what Katie Joy’s followers had to say in response:

  • “Of course josh is using Anna’s social media these poor woman have no rights at all you can tell that when they are being interviewed they look up at there husband’s and see what kind of face the husband puts so they continue very carefully its soo controlling sad.”
  • “Anna’s tweet about Trumps speech is definitely not coming from her. You did some excellent work by finding this out. You would make a great detective. Lol!”
  • “Interesting…I agree Katie, it seems Josh is using Anna’s Twitter acct. I’m glad you traveled down the rabbit hole.”

Overall, the general consensus is that Josh Duggar is very much in control of Anna’s Twitter account. Sound off in the comments with whether or not you agree.

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