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Carlin Bates Stewart Confirms She’s On Heparin Shots For Blood Clots During Her Pregnancy

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Carlin Bates Stewart counts down to the birth of her baby. Super-excited, she posted about how much Evan helped her through the last nine months or so. In that post, she also explained to fans that she’s on Heparin shots. They help prevent blood clots during pregnancy. Her husband Evan’s been helping administer them.

Carlin Bates thanks Evan for all his help during her pregnancy

TV shows Ace reported that Carlin and Evan are in the last countdown towards their baby arriving. Now, she’s just got a few more weeks to go as she’s now at 37 weeks.  On January 24, she posted on Instagram about the room readiness for baby Layla Rea once she arrives. They packed the bags, and can’t even sleep properly for all the anticipation. Now she went onto her Instagram again, this time to thank Evan for all his help.

In her post on Friday, Carlin wrote many things about how her husband helped her so far. Some of these included, “[dealing] with sickness” and the various “moods” she went through. She also mentioned hormones, tears, cravings, sleepless nights, and all of the other symptoms that often come with pregnancy. She loved that all the way through this, he’s been by her side like a “friend… strong arm… help and [her] hero.” But she also mentioned she needed shots. 

Shots – Heparin for blood clots

When one fan saw that Carlin Bates got shots, she explained that they never meant any rudeness when asking about them. But they remembered: “when Erin was pregnant…she had to have shots during her pregnancy.” Carlin confirmed she and Erin both experienced the same condition. In her reply, she explained, “early in pregnancy…they tested me for the blood clotting disorder [the same as] my sister Erin” Then she said that she tested positive as well.

Two injections a day meant someone helped her with them, and it looks like Carlin Bates’ hubby, Evan stepped up. The Stop The Clot medical site explains that “unfractionated” heparin and low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) are safe in pregnancy because they do not cross the placenta.” Other medications that can be taken by mouth include things like Warfarin and other common treatments. But, it turns out they are just “not safe for the baby.”

What causes a blood clotting threat in pregnancy?

The website noted that being pregnant does not cause blood clots. However,  it can “increase the chance that a blood clot will develop.” They note that it’s a natural thing. The body needs to cope with “heavy bleeding” that might occur “during childbirth” or even a miscarriage. Not everyone’s predisposed to getting blood clots, so people like Carlin Bates get tested to see if they need help with it.

Did you know that Carlin’s been getting Heparin shots twice a day through her pregnancy? Did you go through that? Sound off in the comments below.

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