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Jinger Vuolo Shares Adorable Video Of Felicity Taking The Lead

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Jinger Duggar Vuolo got emotional in a recent candid post on her Instagram profile.

The post, which went live less than an hour ago, featured a very lengthy caption from Jinger.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo wishes Felicity would stop growing so fast.

One thing any parent will tell you is to cherish every moment and memory because children grow so fast. Jinger appeared to be struggling with some of the more bittersweet moments of being a parent.

“I often wish Felicity could just stay this little forever. Each stage of her development seems to come so quickly, as she’s growing by leaps and bounds,” Jinger penned in her caption.

“We have gone from carrying her everywhere, to her wanting to take the lead in our afternoon walks.”

Jinger Vuolo concluded her caption by encouraging her followers to stop and “cherish each moment” they have with their children because it’s over in a flash.

The adorable video this caption was attached to featured little Felicity taking the lead during their afternoon walk. During the clip, Felicity is the first to walk past the camera.

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Just taking a winter stroll.

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Felicity charges down the sidewalk and can be heard saying “woah!” before she exits the frame. Jinger follows behind her daughter. Jinger mimics her and also says “woah!” as she enters the frame.

The video is likely several days old as Jinger and her daughter are rocking the same stylish ensemble they wore in a picture she posted three days ago.

As we previously reported, her followers fell in love with the photo. They adored everything about her ensemble as well as Felicity’s.

So, how did fans feel about the adorable video?

While the cute video hasn’t been live on Jinger Vuolo’s profile for very long, she does have an intense following of 1.3 million people. With that many followers, it doesn’t take long for a post to attract attention.

Initially, may of her followers were quick to gush about how cute the video was. Jinger did have tons of followers who agreed with her caption. Many took time to share their own stories about how they miss their “littles.”

There were even a few individuals who noted it looked like it was about time for Jinger and her husband to consider expanding the family with another baby. Was it time for Felicity to be a big sister?

Notably, both Jinger and her daughter are breaking the traditional “Duggar rules” as they rocked pants while walking down the sidewalk in the video.

Have you had a chance to watch this adorable video yet?

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