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‘MAFS’ Spoilers: Zach and Mindy Allegedly Split, Fans Think They Do The Show For The Wrong reasons

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MAFS spoilers by the female version of The Bachelor‘s Reality Steve, show a couple splitting on decision night. The MAFS Fan page on Instagram spills a lot of tea on the current season. Now, they revealed by their Instagram Stories, that a couple split. But, for those who don’t like spoilers, they posted a notice telling fans they were coming soon. Please note likewise, if you don’t want spoilers then stop reading at this point.

MAFS couples, who split this time?

After the spoilers by MAFS Fans, some fans felt they already predicted this particular split. In fact,  TV Shows Ace noted in November, that Zach and Mindy both come from “broken homes.” Plus Mindy went through some really bad times due to “traumatic losses in her family.” But, she seems a bright and happy personality. The problem we foresaw, was that Zach tended towards vanity, forever checking out his hair and his “fitness-trainer physique.” It seemed all about him rather than much effort to listen and talk to Mindy.

Now, the news came that this Married at First Sight couple split. Mindy and Zach end things according to this spoiler Instagram site. Surprisingly, it wasn’t Katie Conrad and 26-year-old Derek Sherman. Cheatsheet noted that Katie and Derek seemed to be brewing issues as complications arose from her “ex-boyfriend just before her wedding.” In fact, he professed his love for her, rattling the bride-to-be. Fans feared that could cause a split. So, while some fans predicted a Zach and Mindy split, others felt surprised the spoiler was not about MAFS‘ Katie and Dereck.

The Instagram Stories spoilers came after a warning notice

The advance notice post came three days ago. In their post, MAFS Fans noted, “Anyone want another Married at First Sight Spoiler?” They added, “Check my Insta Stories at 4.00 PM ET today. So, fans could easily skip it if they chose. When the Stories came out, one card said, “Zach and Mindy will get divorced.” The second Story noted, “I can’t give any additional details. ” That’s because they wanted to protect their sources. However. they stipulated that source “is very credible.”

Sad news for fans indeed, it seems.  Those who saw the original spoiler warning went back to that to comment on the MAFS split news. One said, “So Zach’s not a serial dater. He just dates them all at once.” Another wrote, “Does anyone else think Zach and his best man had a thing? He said some women and men would be dissapointed he got married so don’t come to the gym, (sic).” One fan said, “Suspected this but hoped I was wrong.”

Couples join the show for the wrong reasons, some fan think

So far, it looks like only three couples survive this season. One MAFS fan suggested that these days, they don’t actually get on the show to find love. They noted, “They might as well stop the show. It seems it’s not about willing participants who are truly looking for marriage but fame.”

MAFS Spoilers on Instagram
Image credits – Instagram Stories MAFS Fans (ED).

Well, it certainly looks that way at the moment. Do You agree? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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