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Duggar: Jill Dillard Nearly Makes A Fatal Mistake With Her Dried Wedding Bouquet

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Duggar kids often get into redecorating and flipping houses. So, Jill Dillard’s admitted lack of decorating skills sets her apart a bit. Despite Derick and Jill not being regulars on the Counting On show with the rest of their family, they maintain busy Instagram accounts. There,  Jill’s many fans often chat with her.  And, of course, trolls sometimes slam them. Often, fans give Jill advice. Some of those fans just might have stopped Jill from making a fatal mistake with her dried wedding bouquet.

Duggar fans comment on Jill Dillard’s Christmas plans

Poor Jill sometimes gets slammed by trolls. It seems she garnered many more fans than trolls, but they still lurk around. Even her Christmas shopping brought critics. TV Shows Ace reported that she found it convenient to do her shopping online this year. It freed her up a bit because of her little kids. Plus, she felt it helps her stay within the budget. But, critics slammed her, calling her “lazy” and unsupportive of “local business.”

Now, she’s put up some decorations for Christmas and her home looks attractive for the holidays. But, Jill told fans she also decided a bit of permanent decorating was needed. Cheatsheet noted that she admitted she’s not great at it. Often “indecisive,” the Duggar daughter stalls on it. And, bear in mind she moved a few times which puts her off. They wrote, “Jill recently admitted that when it comes to everyday decor, she doesn’t always know what she’s doing.” And, fans might be responsible for stopping what could be a terrible mistake.

Jill hangs her dried wedding bouquet in her bathroom – a potentially fatal mistake

On her Instagram, Jill shared with her fans about a sudden spurt of imagination. She said, “I unpacked a box with my dried wedding bouquet and our unity candle and I knew exactly where I wanted them to go…on the hanging shelf in our master bath! 🥰 ❤️.” Motivated by her love for Derick, Dillard, she thought it a “great idea” to put it where they could see it. But, her unfortunate choice of the bathroom could mean the end of her special memories.

Luckily, fans chipped in some advice. One pointed out, “You may want to keep the wedding bouquet in a covering, otherwise they become super brittle and dusty.” And, another Duggar fan noted, “Don’t put your wedding bouquet in your bathroom. Put your bouquet in a shadow box for safe keeping. The shelf is cute but wedding memories don’t belong in the bathroom.” But, importantly, another person said, ” But her display isn’t suitable as the flowers will get ruined by the moisture. Hence….”they don’t belong in the bathroom.”


And that’s great advice as dried bouquets absorb moisture, and could get soft, or even moldy and be destroyed. Hopefully, Jill Dillard took them down and put them in a safe place. What do you think? Should, she take this good advice? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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