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Duggar: Si And Lauren Share Family Selfie Featuring Baby Bella

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It’s been a busy year for the Duggar family! The 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On family welcomed four babies this year. So far, only one baby is on the way in 2020, but more announcements could be right around the corner.

One of the recent additions is Bella Milagro. Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s little family grew in November, and they are overjoyed to be parents. They previously had an early miscarriage. Fortunately, aside from a difficult pregnancy and labor, everything went smoothly. Bella is a healthy baby girl, and Lauren seems to be doing well.

Throughout her pregnancy, both Lauren and Josiah were concerned about losing their baby. Because of their first loss, they had fears about this pregnancy.

On social media, the couple provides frequent updates about Bella. Duggar fans love to see what the family is up to. Since she was born in November, the baby gets to join in on the family’s holiday traditions. It’s a very special time for Josiah and Lauren.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar share new family selfie

On their shared social media account, Josiah and Lauren posted a new picture via their stories. The picture features the two new parents with their baby girl. In the picture, Bella is yawning, which Josiah and Lauren have pointed out with an arrow sticker. The couple writes, “That yawn though” with a laughing emoji.

Si and Lauren Duggar Instagram

This isn’t the first Duggar family selfie that Bella has gotten to be a part of. Over the past month and a half, the couple has shared lots of pictures of their daughter. Some of these have been selfies. When the family went on a walk recently, Bella was a part of their selfie.

Will Josiah and Lauren have more kids?

Josiah and Lauren are already planning on having more children. Josiah is one of 19 kids, so it’s expected. Plus, Lauren is only 20 years old and already has a child. She and Josiah have lots of time to grow their family. It seems like they hope to have 26 kids.

At the gender reveal for Bella, they revealed that they are naming their kids in alphabetical order. The baby they miscarried is named Asa. They named their daughter Bella. Next, they will choose a “C” name. Jim Bob Duggar joked that they should name their “J” baby after him. Josiah jokingly replied that they would do it whether the baby is a girl or a boy.

In the Duggar family, there are different name patterns, but not many of the grown kids do it. Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids’ names all begin with a “J”. Josh and Anna’s kids’ names all begin with the letter “M”.

What do you think of the new picture of Bella, Josiah, and Lauren? Do you follow them for new updates? Leave a comment below.

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