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‘Peloton Wife’ Monica Ruiz To Appear On ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’

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“Pelton wife” Monica Ruiz has been getting a lot of press lately. Her confused eyebrows may have been responsible for the backlash against the ad. However, starring in the commercial is landing her roles. Ever since the latest 2019 Christmas ad for the luxury exercise bike went viral, Ruiz has been receiving new opportunities.

‘Peloton wife’ to guest star on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Ruiz has landed a guest role on the daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. It appears that her confused expression and iconic eyebrows are the perfect combination for the show. Yahoo! Entertainment announced that she will be guest-starring on two episodes, which are scheduled to air on Jan. 29 and 30. But Ruiz’s role remains “top secret” for now, according to the series rep.

The Bold and the Beautiful is a CBS soap opera that’s been on the air for over 30 years. It has also booked viral talent in the past. Back in January, the series hired Kelleth Cuthbert, who was known as the “Fiji Water Girl,” after she was photographed handing out bottled water for the brand on the red carpet.

This comes as a great news for Ruiz since B&B is one of the most popular daytime drama series in the world. Millions of people watch the show in 100 countries. Earlier this year, Denise Richards joined the cast alongside show veterans Katherine Kelly Lang, Heather Tom, and John McCook. Richards’ new role is doing well on the series. According to a previous report via TV Shows Ace, Richards wants to leave The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to focus on acting.

Actress blames her eyebrows for the ad backlash

The “Peloton wife” has since spoken out about the controversy. She made it clear that she doesn’t want to be known as the star of the ad that caused Twitter to explode. Ruiz sat down for an interview with Today host Hoda Kotb to address that commercial that quickly became a viral sensation and caused Peloton stock to tank.

Some claimed that the Peloton ad was alarming, sexist, and tone-deaf. Others accused Ruiz of appearing scared in the ad. She takes blame for that last part.

“Honestly, I think it was just my face,” Ruiz admitted. “It was my fault. My eyebrows look, like, worried.”

Former ‘ANTM’ contestant almost didn’t want to appear in Aviation Gin parody ad

Despite the controversy, Ruiz has also appeared in an ad for Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin, which poked fun at the Peloton ad.

In her Today interview, Ruiz admitted that she almost didn’t want to appear in another ad so soon. She also wasn’t sure if she should make fun of the Peloton ad. But it was the perfect opportunity to move on from the controversy.

“I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t think so. I think it’s going to look like I’m making fun of it,'” said Ruiz. “I had just an amazing experience when I shot the Peloton commercial. I was like, ‘I don’t want them to think that I’m going to make fun of them or say anything mean.’ But they assured me it was an idea that was just taking air out of the situation.”

During the interview, Ruiz discussed what it was like to meet Reynolds for the first time. She also revealed that she hopes to continue working in commercials and movies. She clearly wants to move on from her role as “Peloton wife.”

What are your thoughts on the Peloton ad backlash? What do you think of Monica Ruiz joining the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful? Sound off below in the comments section.

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