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Did Angela Deem Get Botox Or MMR Injections On ’90 Day Fiance’?

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Angela Deem made her big return to 90 Day Fiance on Sunday night, Dec. 8. The Georgia native and her Nigerian sweetheart, Michael, were very much front and center in the episode. They didn’t make their official 90 Day Fiance debut until six episodes later. TLC previously teased about Angela and Michael’s return to the series on social media but were met with outbursts from fans who wanted them off the show following the explosive Before the 90 Days “Tell-All” episode.

This caused TLC to quietly debut the couple later in the season. Until then, little was seen of Angela or Michael. The week before last, TLC announced Angela and Michael’s big return. The promo showed the coupled faced with more drama. This time it’s over Michael’s K-1 visa interview. Angela is also seen having Botox injected into her face. Or, is she really?

TLC accused of scamming viewers with fake Botox scene

Angela was seen getting what looked like Botox injections in last night’s episode. The 53-year-old reality star screamed and squirmed as the doctor injected a needle into her face. However, an observant viewer who goes by the Instagram name, @lareyaok, noticed that the doctor was giving Angela the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine. The viewer sent the photo to the fraudedbytlc Instagram page, which regularly exposes the network’s fraudulent scenes.

It appears that the network took stock video of a doctor filling a syringe and tried to pass it off as Botox. Some viewers noticed that the needle that was injected into Angela’s face was much smaller in size. It was similar in size to an insulin needle. So, did Angela end up getting Botox or the MMR vaccine?

Since the MMR vaccine is typically administered into the upper arm or the fatty part of the thigh, it’s safe to say that Angela didn’t get the MMR vaccine. She also wasn’t getting Botox treatments. It turns out it was another TLC editing mistake. The network used that stock footage to make it appear realistic.

Botoxed Angela Deem photo makes the rounds on social media

However, Angela claims she really got Botox injections. Last month, a new photo surfaced in which fans claimed Angela looked more like Mama June Shannon after her dramatic weight loss. Another Instagram account that goes by the name @187anonymousgossip shared the photo of the TLC star after she supposedly got Botox. The picture was captioned, “Reposting because I accidentally deleted…Angela sighting with her new Botox face.”

Other fans claim the 90 Day Fiance far could’ve smoothed out her face with a photo editing app. No matter what, you can’t deny that Angela looks somewhat different. Aside from the obvious facial texture, she also looks like she lost some weight.

What are your thoughts on Angela Deem getting Botox injections? Do you think she really got the treatments? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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