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Duggar: Jana Shares Organization Tips, Fans Are Loving It

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Duggar fans know that Jana is very organized. The 29-year-old loves all things home decor and organization. She often shares about her renovation projects. Often, she does a lot of this on her own. Of course, her brothers are happy to help when needed.

On Saturday, it looks like Jana was busy doing some organizing. She shared a series of photos on her Instagram page. This includes before and after pictures of her clothes. She also shared pictures of her piles for keeping and giving away.

Along with the pictures, she wrote, “Sometimes I feel like I become ‘clutter blind.’ 🙈 Things tend to pile up over time, especially when it comes to clothes! Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the mess and amount of things you own? I know I do… I just have way too many things! Most of it hardly gets used, that’s why I am purging my closet!

With so many sisters, it’s possible that the clothes and shoes get passed around quite a bit. The Duggar family tries to shop used so they can save money. Jana might be a bargain shopper too, which means she can get a lot of clothes for a good price.

Jana Duggar explains how she gets rid of clothes

Fans loved seeing how Jana organized her clothing. She must have known the post would go over well. In her caption, she explained how she organizes her clothing. The TLC star wrote, “So here it goes… I’m pulling everything out, sorting through it and putting it into three separate piles… 1. Keep – I’ve used it in the past 2 months and love it!
2. Hold onto and Sort – I’ve not used it in over 2 months. Try using it over the next 2 months or I must give it away.
3. Give Away – It just hasn’t worked for me.

In the comments section, Duggar fans are loving her organizational ideas. Some are sharing their own ideas too. Here’s what a few fans are saying:

  • You are one multi talented lady“.
  • “Ha ha love that “give away” is the smallest pile, it always happens to me too! But one step closer to a less cluttered closet 🙂 Love how humble you are ❤️”.
  • “My goodness how long did that take lol“.
  • At the beginning of the new year, I clean out my closet and give away a lot…turn on the hangers backward and at the end of the year when I do the clean out, of they are still backwards, I didn’t wear it so it goes!!!

Jana’s sister-in-law Anna Duggar left a comment, saying, “You are so inspiring! Some day I hope to be as organized as you are!

Are you going to try Jana’s organization ideas? Leave a comment below!

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