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Will The Duggar Family Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year?

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Thanksgiving of 2019 is finally here and Counting On fans have one major question: does the Duggar family celebrate this holiday?

As those who follow the reality TV family know, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raised all 19 of their children in a conservative and strict household. As such, they made a habit of skipping holidays that were not religious. So, it goes without reason that most Counting On fans would assume the Duggar family does not celebrate Thanksgiving.

The Duggar Family Makes An Exception For Thanksgiving

Typically, the Duggar family follow pretty strict rules when it comes to religion. Moreover, they tend to stray away from things that are not religious. Over the years, however, the family has made an exception when it comes to Thanksgiving. According to Romper, the Duggar family are heavily vested in this particular holiday.

Each year, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar celebrate the holiday by inviting friends and their extended family to the house. With 19 children, several spouses, and a handful of substantial number of grandchildren, Counting On fans can only imagine how packed the Duggar home becomes during this holiday.

According to Cheat Sheet, it was Michelle Duggar that confirmed her family does gather for Thanksgiving each year.

“When we gather for Thanksgiving Day, we have extended family over as well as friends who aren’t with their family.”

The Family Has Their Own Traditions When It Comes To This Holiday

Traditionally, each member of the Duggar family brings their own special dish to share. For example, her sister brings peanut butter and chocolate buckeyes each year for the dessert table. Michelle estimates the family typically has over a dozen pies sitting on the dessert table.

With so many mouths to feed, one can only imagine how much food the Duggar family prepares or how much they spend on it.

Here’s How The Duggar Family Enjoys Their Holiday Meal

Typically, the Duggars start their Thanksgiving meal a little later in the day. This offers the family time to visit each other. The grandchildren get a chance to play.

As the family sits down to eat, each member says what they are thankful for. They start with the youngest verbal member at the table and work their way up.

With such a large family, it goes without saying that it can be challenging to get everyone together for a holiday. While most of the Duggars make an effort to show up, it is not uncommon for someone to be missing. Unfortunately for the reality TV family, Counting On fans are usually quick to notice who is missing from the dinner table.

For example, Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, missed Thanksgiving back in 2017.

Did you know the Duggars celebrated Thanksgiving?

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