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Jana Duggar Of ‘Counting On’ Confuses Fans With Her Recent Instagram Post

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Jana Duggar is a source of mystery for Counting On fans in several aspects of her life. She was suspected to be the second one to get married, but she’s still the only daughter old enough to get married to remain single.

The most recent confusing thing to come from Jana Duggar is an Instagram post. It appears to be Jana on a ‘work’ trip with her father. Considering the women in the Duggar family don’t work, this is a very confusing post for fans to try and decipher.

Jana Duggar On A Work Trip And Living The Single Life

Jana Duggar was allowed to create an Instagram account even though she hasn’t started a courtship. That’s usually when the children are allowed to start posting on social media. Jana posts her traveling and shares things she does with her family. In a recent photo she captioned she was on a work trip with her father. In the picture, Jana and her dad are standing on the beach smiling widely.

She captioned the picture with, “Enjoying some of the sights while on the East Coast. Even though it’s a work trip, it’s always fun getting to spend time with one of my best friends.” It’s really sweet that dear old dad is one of her best friends. Fans reacted to the post in confusion. One saying, “what kind of work do you do,” according to The Cheat Sheet. She’s not replied to anyone to explain any further.

It’s Not Typical For The Women To Work

The Duggar patriarch works in real estate and flips houses. Jason Duggar is one of the family members who’s done this as well. Maybe Jim Bob decided to help Jana Duggar learn to do it too since she doesn’t have a family to raise yet. Maybe he’s decided since she’s not entered into a courtship she should learn the family business.

Another theory is she’s talking about the work she does with the mission trips she takes. The entire Duggar family takes many mission trips to different countries to help others. There’s probably not a chance Jana Duggar will reply to fans’ questioning. Most of the Duggar family usually stays pretty quiet when it comes to responding to social media comments. Fans will keep their eyes on her social media to see if she posts any more clues as to what work she’s doing.

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