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Is This The True Reason Vicki Gunvalson From ‘RHOC’ Dropped Her Lawsuit Against Kelly Dodd?

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RHOC stars Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd have been feuding for a while now. Recently in an episode Kelly joked she’d be happy to go to her funeral. This prompted Vicki to get very upset and tell fellow housewives, “I’ve never met anyone who talks like she does,” through her tears. It was an unaired episode of RHOC that had Vicki Gunvalson on the phone to her lawyers.

She sued Kelly Dodd after the reality star made comments, she felt would be harmful to her business, Coto Insurance and Financial Services. Kelly made statements that Vicki was a fraud who preyed on older people. Gunvalson said in the suit she had always maintained a great rating with the BBB. She asked the network to cut the comments Dodd made from the show.

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Vicki Gunvalson Drops Lawsuits After A Short Time

Vicki Gunvalson has dropped the defamation suit against her co-star according to The Cheat Sheet. Reportedly, every housewife has to sign a contract that will not allow them to sue each other. The clause states when it comes to things that are related to the franchise, they aren’t allowed to bring a lawsuit.

Vicki was a guest this time around and not a full-time cast member. It’s not clear if she signed that contract for this season. It would make sense if she did and would explain why she dropped the suit she was so adamant on pursuing before. While it is known Dodd made the comments while filming the show, it’s not clear if she started saying these things off set. If she did, the contract wouldn’t have protected her from a lawsuit.

The Feud Continues On Into The Reunion

Kelly has stated on multiple occasions that ship has sailed, because she’s never going to be Vicki Gunvalson’s friend again. Since Vicki said some slanderous things about Kelly in the past, fans have accused her of having a short memory.Vicki had stated she thought Kelly used cocaine. This upset Dodd and she denied ever using drugs.

In an aftershow, a producer asked Kelly if she was sorry she didn’t go to Vickie’s birthday party. She was quick to say not at all. She said she wasn’t going to pretend to be friends with the woman. Dodd said some of her fellow housewives could be fake she wouldn’t be because she can’t act like that. It remains unclear if the comments will be brought up during the reunion. If they are it will  be an intense conversation to say the least.

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