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Dr. Phil Orphan Girl Episode Shows Ukrainian Orphan Who Allegedly Posed As Child


Last month a story was revealed about an orphan Natalia from Ukrainian who was adopted, but then the story got crazy. The family who adopted her feels like they were deceived. At the time, the orphan girl wasn’t talking but that all changes today. Dr. Phil was able to get her on the show and she will tell her side of the story.

Dr. Phil’s orphan girl episode

This episode will air today. Dr. Phil shared a preview on Facebook that shows a bit of what you can expect.

A Ukrainian orphan describes what happened when she claims she was abandoned by her adoptive parents.

A Ukrainian orphan describes what happened when she claims she was abandoned by her adoptive parents.Full story: drphil.tv/1107192

Posted by Dr. Phil on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The preview explains how she showed them an apartment. The orphan Natalia explained that at that time she was only eight-years-old, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. She insists that this is the truth though. It will all come out today, but Dr. Phil doesn’t seem to believe her side.

The backstory

The Cut shares some of the details about the original story. Natalia does have a rare form of dwarfism that makes it difficult to gauge her exact age. That is part of the issue.

It turns out that she was adopted by Michael and Kristine Barnett. They say that they believed she was six-eight-years-old, but it turned out she was an adult according to them. The couple feels like Natalia was an orphan with mental issues. They said they adopted her from an adoption agency in Florida. Natalia is still denying that she is an adult.

They later said they found out she is really 22. The Barnett family left her in an apartment and moved to Canada with their son leaving her behind. They feel like she was conning them and even say she threatened their family. It turns out that her Ukrainian birth mother told the Daily Mail that she was forced to give her up when she was born in 2003, which would make Natalia 16. They were allegedly bone density tests done by the Barnetts, but Natalia doesn’t remember this happening.

The adoptive parents now face charges for leaving her behind. They are now divorced. The Barnetts face charges of neglect for leaving her behind in Indiana.

What is actually true about the Ukrainian orphan? Nobody knows for sure, but Dr. Phil will try to figure it all out today on the show titled Ukrainian Orphan: Child or Adult Psychopath? The Exclusive Interview With Dwarf Accused of Posing As a Child.


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