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‘Love After Lockup:’ What Happens In the Lacey, John, Shane Love Triangle?

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We knew it would happen at some point, and Love After Lockup Season 2, Episode 36 was that moment. The biggest love triangle of the season came to a conclusion. Well, a conclusion for now at the very least. It was all about Lacey, Shane, and John.

Lacey said “yes” to both men when they proposed. It was clear she hoped that she would get away with this plan, but it was all going to come to a head eventually. In “Love or Con?,” she found out that John was being released from prison and that meant he and Shane would meet, something that All About the Tea had warned us would happen. Just how would it all go down?

What Happened in ‘Love or Con?’

It looks like things have come to an end for now with the love triangle, and the choice has been made for Lacey. During the episode, Lacey told Shane that his proposal wasn’t as good as John’s so she couldn’t accept Shane’s ring. Plus, with John being released, she wanted to bring him back to the house. Yes, it was as awkward as it sounded!

Of course, you knew that Shane was never going to leave, and a fight was brewing between the two men. Shane wouldn’t even acknowledge John’s name, and just called him “the other guy.”

John was the one to make a decision for the three of them. He decided to walk away from Lacey, and it sounds like Lacey is staying with Shane. Do we really think that the biggest and most exciting love triangle on the show is going to end like that?

Next Episode of Love After Lockup

Oh, definitely not! WEtv‘s synopsis for the next episode involves Lacey and her two men, and the battle is about to heat up as both men decide they will fight for her affections. The question is whether they’re going to fight each other or just prove why they’re the better choice. You just know you need to tune into the all-new episode of Love After Lockup next week. You couldn’t make this stuff up!

By the looks of Shane’s Instagram, he’s the one that proves he’s the one worth sticking with, but we’ll have to wait to see how it all plays out throughout the season. On Oct. 27, he did post a shot of John’s DWI arrest with the word “Karma” on it. The post has since been removed, but it was likely in response to John’s Instagram story rant about Lacey. Things clearly aren’t going to end happily for all three.

What do you think of the love triangle? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Love After Lockup airs Fridays on WE tv.


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