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Tamra Judge Of ‘RHOC’ Says She Doesn’t Drink At Home

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Tamra Judge might blame her scandalous behavior with Braunwyn Windham-Burke on the fact that she hardly drinks alcohol. She doesn’t drink it at all when she’s home. The RHOC star recently shares what helps her keep her body in a competition winning state.

She replied to a fan who asked how often she drank. Tamra said, “not often. Social drinker, rarely at home.” Judge went on to say she drinks wine too much during the filming of RHOC. She said when guests come over they are offered sparkling water instead.

Tamra Judge Is Strict With Her Food And Alcohol Intake

In an interview with People in June Tamra said when she reached a certain age, the time when women start menopause, she had to be strict. She never drinks at home and works out hard to help fix the changes she saw in her body she didn’t like.

Judging by her behavior on RHOC lately, she does make up for lost time when she’s out and about. An article on The Cheat Sheet said Gina Kirschenheiter stated that Tamra wasn’t a big drinker, so when she does drink, she’s gone.

Tamra had previously posted on Instagram and later deleted a post that said her husband is embarrassed and angry when she gets drunk on national TV. The people of Instagram were reportedly embarrassed as well. Fans said it was too much to see the two act the way they were. Some fans posted don’t you have children and would you be proud if they saw this?

The RHOC Star Is Embarrassed By Her Behavior

Tamra Judge hasn’t stood by her behavior on last week’s episode. In her latest Instagram post, she said that she is still beating herself up over last week’s episode. She said, “tonight’s episode I won’t be hiding under the sheets from embarrassment.”

Tamra posted on her Instagram that she was embarrassed by her behavior and her fans had mixed reactions. Some of her fans told her, you didn’t do anything wrong, you were just having fun. One said, “don’t beat yourself up Tamra.” Another said, “we all make mistakes and learn from them.” Some fans agreed she should be embarrassed saying it’s okay to have a girl crush but she took it too far. One fan said, “not your best moment… I was mortified over that behavior.” As RHOC continues airing, it will be interesting to see the aftermath of not only the making out but the threesome comments.

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