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Tyler Cameron From ‘Bachelorette’ Is Trolling Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar

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Tyler Cameron loves to troll people on social media and his latest victims are Nicole Alvar-Lopez and Clay Harbor. The two have been feuding on social media because Clay didn’t want to get engaged after Bachelor in Paradise.

Nicole posted last week that Clay just went on the show for fifteen minutes of fame and to, “get back into his failed NFL career.” Clay responded with a long rebuttal on Twitter according to Cosmo.

He said he wasn’t going to reply, however, Nicole struck a nerve. Clay said his so-called failed career was three times longer than the average. He said he was proud of the work he put in. Clay said, “for a poor kid from Dwight, Illinois, that wasn’t even supposed to even go to college. I was able to change mine and my family’s entire situation. That’s what motivated me, and that’s what I did.”

Where Does Tyler Cameron Come In?

Tyler Cameron responded to this feud with a picture of himself shirtless. He  and said, “this is what a failed football career looks like.”

Colton Underwood couldn’t help making it a Bachelor troll-off and said. He said, “funny that’s not what mine looks like, wtf.” Connor Saeli joked that, “a girl on the plane saw the picture and screamed. They almost had to make an emergency landing.”

Lopez-Alvar and Habor have been throwing shade at each other for awhile now on social media. Right before the failed football comment, Clay posted a response to a picture of John Paul Jones that he captioned, some things take time. Clay Harbor replied that he learned engagements aren’t supposed to. According to The Cheat Sheet, when Nicole saw the post, she responded, “not everything can take as long as your gym sessions.”

Tyler also has put himself in the middle of Colton Underwood and Rachel Lindsay’s feud. Their animosity grew after Rachel said she’d never be friends with Raven Gates again. Colton then commented he wasn’t surprised she was mad at someone and then alleged she talked about him negatively to his woman.  Rachel invited him to come on her podcast and have an adult conversation.

When Tyler Cameron was asked about their fight he said, “I would judge the feud. If they need a judge, I’m there to judge it.” According to Life and Style, he added he was the ACC debate captain in college. It’s official, Tyler Cameron loves the drama and trolling Bachelor nation.

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