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Mike Johnson Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Reveals What His Season Would Be Like

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Mike Johnson sat down with People’s Jeremy Parsons and Andrea Boehlke to share if he’d like to still be on The Bachelor, how he felt about Bachelor in Paradise, and his favorite way to make a girl smile. There’s no doubt a lot of people wanted him to be the next Bachelor.

In the interview below the hosts tried to get Mike Johnson to spill on Demi Lovato. They asked leading questions like does she have to sing or be a pop star? He said that wasn’t important. There has been some speculation about that relationship after Mike Johnson revealed Demi was a good kisser and then later asked Keke Palmer out on television.

According to a post on Elle, a source revealed the relationship between Mike and Demi is done. He said on the Almost Famous podcast, he was scared if Demi and him didn’t get serious then how people would look at it. He says he shouldn’t care but if they aren’t meant to be, people are going to speculate. That was after he admitted they had been out more than once and kissed. Asking Keke out in such a public way seemed to be Mike confirming it without having to say anything.

What Did Mike Johnson Say Could Win Him Over?

He did say if she is a singer then all she has to do to win him over is sing Alicia Keys “Diary” to him. When they said what is you relationship status, he said it was private.

He said his favorite way to make a girl smile is to, “pay attention to little things.” He said notice the little nuances and mention them later. The type of girl he’s looking for is one who commands the attention of the room. He wants to look at her and know, that’s my wifey right there.

Does He Want To Do The Bachelor Still?

He said he didn’t think he would do Bachelor in Paradise again. Mike didn’t think it was his forte, he wasn’t with the drama. He said he thinks within the next two seasons there will be a Bachelor of color. He says he hopes to be in love by next year.

It’s a possibility for him he said if he’s still single. He said his season would be crazy. He compared it to when Tom Cruise went on Oprah and jumped on the couch screaming he was in love.

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