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How ‘Bachelor’ And ‘Bachelorette’ Contestants Keep A Handle On Their Mental Health

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Going on Reality TV isn’t the most mentally healthy thing people can do. Shows like The Bachelor have contestants vying for the attention of someone. A lot of them believe they’re in love with the lead and are competing against other contestants. The feelings of inadequacy and rejection would cause anyone to spiral. That’s why shows where you are ejected or rejected keep an in-house therapist ready to help at any minute.

The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelor contestants are given therapy after rejection to help them cope. The emotions run high when a contestant is kicked off the show. The in-house psychologist from the show’s 2002 to 2017 seasons says,” it is extremely emotionally taxing.”

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According to E Online, Dr. Catherine Selden said, “we want to make sure people are going to be ok with the stress involved.” She reviewed their psychological evaluations before the contestants were chosen as well.

The Bachelor and Bachelorette Contestants Face A Lot Of Stress

Sharleen Joynt from Season 18 of The Bachelor said Dr. Selden got her. She told her good things about herself as soon as she left the show. Joynt said the doctor was waiting at three a.m. in her hotel with a room-service menu. The therapist is on call at all times.

Another Bachelor contestant, Rozlyn Papa from Season 14, also talked to Selden before the show. She said she told the doctor she’d battled depression and continued to fight with it. Papa said perhaps her confession should have been a red-flag to the doctor, she wasn’t cut out to be on the show. She felt she was pushed through as a candidate for, “ideal fodder for onscreen drama.”

Reality Stars Aren’t Prepared For The Sudden Fame That Comes Afterwards

In the E article, Dr. Angel, who is a therapist from Big Brother Australia, said they have to deal with not knowing what happened outside of the house and dealing with the aftermath when they’re evicted. He stated the fame is not something the reality stars can prepare for. There can be a little bit of deflation when you’re on your own again and not being followed by cameras.

The contestants of Survivor are warned about this deflation and the fact that the mental stress they suffer on the show might not end when filming ends. It may be worse when the show starts to air. Fans can take solace in the fact that their favorites from The Bachelor and other shows have the help they need ready when they take that sad final walk.


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