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‘Kate Plus 8’: New Special Coming, Girls Go To College, It’s The End Of The World

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Kate Plus 8 brings us a new special on Tuesday via TLC.  It’s all about the twins, Mady and Cara going off to college. Although four of the sextuplets remain at home, you’d think it’s the end of the world. The caption to the preview notes, “Where does the time go? Mady and Cara are all grown up!”

Kate Plus 8 special: Kate can’t get over kids leaving for college

Getting to college-age took some years, and one would expect Kate gave it some thought over time. After all, other kids flew the coop in the past. Collin and Hannah live with their dad, Jon Gosselin. Now, Kate suddenly seems shocked that two more kids leave her home. College time came a-creeping up, just like some unwanted goblin on Christmas Day and Kate wasn’t ready for it. In fact, it’s such a tragic event, that she constructs a shrine to the girls, and the younger Kate Plus 8 kids participate. Even they feel it’s over the top. After all, “they’re going to college, not dying.”

Meanwhile, they all troop off to the college. So, the older girls can complain the dorms are like prison cells. But, to keep the family entertained, Kate decided the Kate Plus 8 kids will enjoy some fun and organizes an outing.

The Bungie jumping went off without incident they and they raced around in Go-karts, which didn’t. Next, we see the family getting ready for a massive last supper. Once again, there’s a funeral aspect to it, and Kate tells the cameras she wouldn’t wish the separation on anybody.

Kate Plus 8 Kate cries
Image credit – TLC via Kate Plus 8 – Facebook

Preview of college and the end of the world on Facebook

If you wish to see the preview, you can check it out on Facebook, where it was shared by Kate Plus 8. Of course, as always, fans of the show displayed the huge division that split the family and fans of the TLC show. There, you can see the reactions to the special. As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup noted, try not to get too upset as “to clarify: the girls are going to college. They have not died.”

One fan said, “They were a cute, sweet family that many of us could relate to. Sadly, they are the poster child for what greed can do. I really really hope that one day Kate can co-parent and undo the parental alienation she has implemented onto her children.”

Highlighting the divisions came many happy comments like, “Kate you deserve a medal! I enjoy your show I don’t miss John on the show…..We all know we can’t please everyone.”

Another pro-Kate fan noted, “I actually felt depressed and like I’d lost a family member when they stopped filming. I’ve always been on Kate’s side because she was resourceful in supporting them.”

What do you think about the upcoming special? Did you think the preview made out it’s like the end of the world? Or, do you fully understand Kate’s pain? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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