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Danielle Busby From ‘Outdaughtered’ Told Fans Not To Worry, She Loves All Of Her Kids Equally

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The latest season of Outdaughtered just wrapped and the daughters are back in school but Adam and Danielle Busby are still sharing updates. Fans are thrilled, but the show has some people who like to drag the couple for certain things about their daughters.

Like any reality show stars, everything they do is constantly under a microscope. According to Cheat Sheet, Danielle Busby recently had to address something a parent shouldn’t really have to. She assured her fans she loves all her children equally. Danielle said she never planned to be a TV star but after having the quints she knew she could help others learn. The reason she keeps doing the show is that she feels like it’s a calling from God.

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Our new schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays sure are….quiet! Haha 🤪Take one quint out the mix and the house is seriously so much quieter (FYI…bc i’m sure i will get asked… Blayke started third grade & Riley started private kindergarten at the quints school and she goes everyday …. and SHE LOVES IT!) #itsabuzzworld #sisters

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Why Do Viewers Drag Danielle Busby And Her Husband About Their Kids?

Some fans have said they think Hazel gets more attention than all of their other daughters. One Reddit fan said, “is it just me that noticed or does or seem that Danielle and Adam favor Hazel over the rest of the quints …. Anytime Adam comes home from work all you can hear is ‘hazel basil’.” Clearly, it’s difficult to give all six children equal attention but they do their best.

Fans have also given them attitude about Danielle reprimanding Riley. One fan said, “I don’t even want to watch the show anymore because of Danielle’s treatment of Riley and the way she talks poorly of Riley behind her back.” The couple has talked about the things fans say.

Danielle said in an interview, “I 100% know my heart and my love for all my kids are equal. I may not get around to posting ‘enough’ of something … but since when is love based off of how much we post on social media?” She has a great point and while it seems like fans are seeing everything, they are only seeing a snippet of the couple’s life with the girls. Most fans can only imagine having that many children.

Based on what they’ve shot it could seem like they talked about one child more than another or disciplined one more often, but that’s reality television. Fans don’t always get the whole big picture.

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