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’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ – Did Evelin Just Drop A Hint She And Corey Are Still Together?

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90 Day Fiance shows Corey and Evelin face some problems in their relationship. Monday’s episode featured Evelin losing it with Corey once again, as he keeps on about wanting kids and a large family. Plus, we saw Corey stressing about his investment in the bar in Ecuador. He’s concerned since he used his retirement savings for it. Many haters feel Evelin’s just a gold digger. Obviously, speculation is that they no longer stay together. However, Evelin may have just dropped a hint that the couple is still together.

90 Day Fiance stars can’t reveal too much to prevent spoilers

As we know, the whole point of the TLC show is to keep fans coming back for more. Many of the various stars on the show know they need to watch for spoilers. After all, if fans know they married or split, makes a huge difference to the show ratings. Now, fans of the show, The Other Way, know that Evelin’s got a temper. Maybe that temper made her say something that hints at a secret.

While many fans speculate that the couple’s still together, and has been for years, we simply don’t know for certain. Corey’s pretty good at keeping his lips zipped. But, a different personality, sooner or later we can assume Evelin will drop a hint on their status. Taking to her Instagram after the latest episode, Evelin freaked over the haters. She often speaks out about the hate she gets, but this time the words she used seemed to imply the relationship survived.

Evelin talks of haters, hints Corey and her are together

Sick to death of all the hate she gets, the 90 Day Fiance star took to her Instagram yet again. She made a few posts showing them all enjoying themselves at the bar in Ecuador. Obviously, she took care not to show if Corey was around. But the next posts that she also shared seemed revealing. In her first post, Evelin said, “Seriously had enough of the haters.” She added, “Like seriously get a life and let me live.” In conclusion, Evelin noted, “I am so much enjoying tonight, just don’t ruin it.”

No major hints came on that post, but the other message came all in the present tense. In other words, as if she’s speaking in the here and now about her and Corey. In that post, she wrote, “You all shouldn’t hate me for having a man that loves me and does everything for me.” Evelin added, “You should take notes and find one for yourself instead of hating.” Well, the fact she talks about him loving her and doing everything for her implies he’s still around, doing just that.

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The different storyline from the actual 90 Day show

If you watched the episode where the 90 Day Fiance couple argued about kids and what needed doing on the bar, Corey “doing everything” for her certainly wasn’t seen then. In fact, Evelin complained that Corey “does a lot of talking and a little bit of doing.” Bear in mind, that came after she estimated he needs to find another $5,000 for improvements to the bar.

Back then, it seemed Corey didn’t do enough for her. Now, it seems that he “does everything for her.” That’s a far cry from what we see in the series. What do you think about the post that Evelin made? Do you think could be a hint that the couple is still together to this day? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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