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‘The Bachelorette’ 2019: Peter’s Ex Admits They Split Cause He Chose to go on ‘Bachelorette’

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Hannah B showed everyone she was not playing around when she boldly sent Scott Anderson home during the first cocktail party on the season premiere of The Bachelorette because he had a girlfriend back home. If only Hannah had been made aware then of how many other unfaithful suitors she should have been showing the door.

Peter of The Bachelorette had a serious relationship

In addition to Jed’s girlfriend, now model Calee Lutes has spoken out in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, where she detailed her relationship with Peter Weber. She is claiming “things didn’t work out [between us] simply because he chose to go on The Bachelorette instead.” In the interview, Calee provided screenshots of alleged texts that Peter reportedly sent her December, where he discussed the prospect of living with Calee in the future. Just weeks later, he broke up with her unexpectedly.

Calee revealed that she met Peter in June 2018 through a dating app when he was in Atlanta, where she lived (Peter is a pilot and in town from Los Angeles to train). She claimed that they continued a long-distance relationship after his month of training was up. They even took vacations together throughout 2018. “We were very serious,” Calee said. “He told me he loved me for the first time in October, and we talked almost every time we saw each other about how we were going to make it last long term.” The model also said that she and Peter discussed the future at length, including plans for kids and possibly settling down in California.

Things went downhill at Christmas

Things were going great throughout the month of December, until just before Christmas. Calee said that Peter flew out to Atlanta to see her ahead of the holiday. That was the last time she saw him. “We talked about plans for New Year’s, and of course, we wanted to spend it together, so I bought a ticket out to L.A.,” she said. “We also were planning a trip to Costa Rica in March.”

Two days before Christmas, Peter shocked Calee by breaking up with her over FaceTime, she claimed. “He didn’t really have a reason why,” she admitted. “I was devastated and completely blindsided. To do this right before Christmas was cruel…I thought there was another girl, so I looked at his recent followers on Instagram and noticed that a Bachelorette producer had recently followed up. I didn’t think much of it at the time.” Calee said she also noticed that Peter “immediately deleted EVERY trace” of her on the social media app.

Calee feels totally betrayed by Peter of The Bachelorette

Calee called Peter’s actions an “absolute betrayal.” He “interviewed for a reality dating show while simultaneously planning a future” with her. She had no idea Peter was even going to be on the show until the cast list was released ahead of the May premiere. Calee also said that she and Peter kept in touch after their split. They were even making plans to see each other again…right up until the time he left for filming in March.

Calee claimed that watching this season has felt like a very bad déjà vu. “He acted very similar with Hannah as he did with me, and he has said a lot of the same things,” she said. “He made me think that what we had was super rare and something he hadn’t felt before as well. Watching this has been dumbfounding. He’s definitely a charmer and a smooth talker.” Calee roasted her ex when she said, “He definitely didn’t go on the show for the right reasons. I believe he went on it for the chance at fame, and he got what he wanted.”

Has This Ruined Peter’s Chances of Becoming The Bachelor?

About him potentially being the next Bachelor, Calee said, “I know he’s not ready to settle down, so I think it would be a huge mistake if he were to be the Bachelor. I hope they choose someone who is truly there for the right reasons. I would hate to see him hurt more people.”

Calee also has a message for Hannah: “You seem like an awesome woman. I hope you made the right choice and found your Prince Charming!”

Hannah really seems to have a thing for bad boys and cheaters. Tune in tonight for the fantasy suites episode where the man she had windmill fun with is supposed to be revealed.

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