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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Star Alyssa Bates Webster Reveals Heart Issue

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Bringing Up Bates star Alyssa Bates Webster went to her Instagram today to share heart issues she has going on. The reality star is being very open to fans about her tests and results. She had to have several tests run and now she finally has a few of the results. It turns out that she will need another surgery.

Alyssa Bates Webster shares results

Alyssa Bates Webster made a post that revealed what is going on with her. The fans have been praying for Alyssa during this time of tests.  You can check out below what she shared on Instagram that gave out some of the details.

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Thank you for all the prayers and concern for me over the last few weeks. I have had a lot of you messaging me asking for an update on my health. After visiting my doctor again, adjusting my medication, and wearing a 24 hour holtor monitor (to see what was going on with my heart) I have been scheduled to do the Electrophysiology Study (EP Study) surgery again. An EP Study test the electrical activity of your heart to find where an arrhythmia (abnormal heartbeat) is coming from. Once it’s found my doctor will be able to ablate that area by freezing or burning those spots. I had this surgery in April to fix my arrhythmia however, it has not been successful. My doctor said my arrhythmia is one of the worst he has seen. I was diagnosed with super ventricular tachycardia (SVT) in February. There are many forms of tachycardia so I wasn’t diagnosed with AVNRT until April. I am still on a medication to try and help regulate my heart rate until the surgery. It’s hard to explain so many details on here so I will try to get a YouTube video out with all the details. I am very grateful and thankful for each of you, my doctor, family who has prayed for me and helped out when needed, and my husband for being my constant rock! THANK YOU! 😘

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It does sound like Alyssa is very lucky to have her husband by her side. More than likely, they will end up showing some of this on Bringing Up Bates. Alyssa is doing what the doctor ordered and taking care of herself.

What has Alyssa been up to?

Regardless of what Alyssa is going through now, she has been staying busy with her family. If you check out her Instagram, she posts what is going on. It looks like they had a nice 4th of July together. Check out the picture below of Alyssa, her husband and their three little girls.

They also recently went to Tennessee to see the family. Alyssa shared that her dad got a new church building and they were able to visit it during their trip. Of course, three little girls also keep her pretty busy. Between taking care of her health and her children, Alyssa is lucky to find time for anything else.

You can catch new episodes of Bringing Up Bates when they air on UPtv.

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