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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ News: Vanessa Leaves the Snowden Family, Get Details

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Seeking Sister Wife aired the big two-hour tell-all tonight. There was shocking news that Vanessa has left the Snowden family. They actually got married on the finale, but things didn’t work out. The show didn’t give details at all, though.

So what happened with Vanessa?

John Yates went to his Twitter to share what is actually going on. He was sharing a post that was done by Vanessa which revealed a bit more about what went on. She isn’t going by the last name of Snowden now either as you can see as her post. Here is what he shared.

It turns out that Vanessa was not happy with the family and was ready to move on. She does say that she still loves the family. For some reason, it didn’t work out. She isn’t sharing exactly how long she has been separated from the family. It looks like they were all still together when they filmed the Seeking Sister Wife tell-all special.

What will happen with Ashley and Dimitri?

It will be interesting to see what happens with Ashley and Dimitri Snowden. This couple spent nine years looking for a sister wife before they found Vanessa. This was the second season of the show Seeking Sister Wife that they were on. It wouldn’t be shocking if they came back for another season and then tried to find love once again. Obviously, they are enjoying being on television to do the show for more than one season.

Another option is that this couple could decide that having a sister wife isn’t the life for them. It had to be hard on them to have Vanessa marry them and then move on from the family. Especially considering that the children were close to her as well. It will be interesting to see if Ashley and Dimitri speak out and share their thoughts on what went down.

Are you shocked by what went down tonight on Seeking Sister Wife?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below. At this time, they haven’t shared if Seeking Sister Wife will be coming back for another season or not. TLC will probably wait a while to announce this news.

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