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‘The Bachelor’ What is Hannah B. Up to Since Filming Ended?

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Hannah B. is likely one of the most loved and also hated characters of this season of The Bachelor. Her adorable southern charm and big smile are accompanied by her drama and insecurities. Many of the other girls in the house don’t think she’s there for the right reason. However, Colton has kept her along this long. There must be some great qualities he sees in her.

Warning! Spoilers ahead on who wins this season of The Bachelor! Only read on if you are interested in knowing who wins!

What is The Bachelor star Hannah B. Doing Now?

As one of the most iconic characters of the season, it’s understandable people want to know what she’s been up to now. Hannah B. doesn’t end up winning the heart of The Bachelor. It’s said that that will be Cassie Randolph. Watching the show now this makes sense. He and Cassie have a great physical romance. She also isn’t really involved in the drama.

So where does that leave Hannah B.? According to Bustle, during the Valentine’s Day season, she has been posting a lot about the holiday. Could this mean she’s in a relationship with someone else? Of course, she can’t post anything that would mean spoilers. However, the hints are certainly there.

It’s clear Hannah made some life long connections in the house. Those girls have stayed friends since the show stopped filming. She calls herself, Heather, Hannah G. and Demi ‘TripleHD.” Talk about some serious squad goals!

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everybody was Kung Fu fighting. 🥊🌹

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Other than that, the beauty queen seems to be up to really normal things. Her social media is full of photos of herself, Colton and her family. Even if she wasn’t meant to be with The Bachelor, it’s great to see her so happy with her life.

Hannah on Bachelor in Paradise

Hannah B. could be a really cool girl to see on Bachelor in Paradise. She is definitely cute so she may have some luck and finding love with another past cast member. She’s also really fun. It would be so fun to see her get to go on a lot of dates. It would also be entertaining to see her connect with more than just one person.

Do you want to see Hannah B. on Bachelor in Paradise? Let us know what you think of her in the comments below! Stay tuned for more Bachelor news and learn if Cassie Randolph is really the winner of Colton’s heart.

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