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‘Temptation Island’: Details on Evan Smith’s Dad and His Murder

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Tonight was the start of the Temptation Island reboot on USA. Everyone was introduced to Evan Smith. He mentioned that his dad was murdered and this is a sad story. In Touch Weekly shared the details about what happened to Evan’s dad.

What did Evan Smith share?

Evan shared that his dad was killed during an affair. He did not share very many details at all, though. Evan said, “My dad cheated on my mom. It lead him down the road to actually be murdered by the woman that he was cheating with’s husband. It rocked me to my core.” This is not all of the story, though.

Evan Smith may decide to talk more about this on Temptation island or he could just kind of let this all stay quiet. Regardless it shapes the person that he is and will affect things.

What really happened to Evan’s dad?

This all went down about seven years ago. Evan Smith’s dad was Gavin Smith, a 20th Century Fox executive who went missing on May 1, 2012. He was later found murdered. More about this story could come out on Temptation Island this season.

It was about a year before police decided he was probably killed by John Lenzie Creech. He was the husband of the person that Evan’s dad had an affair with and was also in jail already. He was serving time for selling and transporting cocaine.

It was actually October of 2014 before they found Evan’s dad’s remains. This had to be really hard on him wondering if he was alive or dead somewhere. Creech tried to say he was only defending himself, but Gavin Smith was beaten to death. He was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter on July 3, 2017, and given the maximum sentence of 11 years. Evan made it clear that he didn’t feel like this was enough time in prison for him.

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