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‘I Am Jazz’ News: Details of Jazz Jennings New Boyfriend Shared

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Jazz Jennings seems to be doing great. She recently had her bottom surgery because this is something she has always wanted. Jazz seems to be doing amazing now. Radar Online shared the details all about the new man in Jazz’s life. During a recent episode of I Am Jazz, she was seen talking to a girl she was interested in. Jazz has made it clear she is interested in both men and women.

Jazz’s new boyfriend

Her boyfriend’s name is Amir and he will make an appearance on this season of I Am Jazz. Things are really changing for her as she gets her bottom surgery done. Jazz admitted to her mother that she has had a bit of a problem with dating because her body wasn’t what she wanted just yet. A lot of details about Amir aren’t coming out yet since Jazz isn’t talking about him.

A friend of Jazz is sharing all the details about the new man in her life. This friend shared saying “Jazz met him online and they’re still together.” Jazz does want to fall in love and the friend said that Amir and Jazz do kiss each other a lot. Another great thing is that Jazz’s friends like Amir. That makes things easier because friends hating your other half can be a ton of drama.

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How is Jazz doing?

Jazz Jennings seems to be doing great right now. She had a bit of an issue with her surgery that landed her back in the hospital. Now, things are going great for her. The fact that Jazz has a boyfriend has to be helping too. This is something she has always made it clear that she wanted in her life. Jazz hoped to find love and it does look like she has found her person. Because of this guy, Jazz is going to learn a lot about herself.

The seasons that viewers are watching now will show Jazz get her surgery done. She lost a lot of weight to even get it done and was able to pull it off. This is a dream come true for the reality star who has always wanted to have a girl body like she feels she belongs in.

Do you feel like Jazz Jennings may have found her match? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of I Am Jazz on TLC.

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  1. I am beyond impressed with this young lady. She is such a wonderful role model for other kids struggling with their gender identity. For those who pass judgment, just watch I am Jazz a few times and see how incredible Jazz and her family are. I wish only the best for you Jazz, for no one deserves it more. I look forward to watching the rest of the season.

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