When Calls the Heart

On Thursday, Hallmark announced the When Calls The Heart Christmas movie cast. Who will be back for this special Christmas episode. Could Abigail Stanton be back to visit her friends in Hope Valley? RT if you're ready for those #Hallmark #Christmas movies!@WCTH_TV @hallmarkchannel https://t.co/xx8cU0eUJk pic.twitter.com/plZcXEoQgM — Movieguide® (@movieguide) August 15, 2019 When Calls The Heart
When Calls The Heart returned on Sunday without Lori Loughlin’s character Abigail Stanton. Could the way Hallmark handled Abigail’s absence open a window for Abigail Stanton’s return, possibly at a later time? Explanation Of Abigail Stanton’s Departure How did Hallmark choose to deal with Lori Loughlin’s WCTH character Abigail Stanton? It was done in a
WCTH returned Sunday with the revisited and re-edited Season 6. Fans of the show know that Abigail Stanton’s role either got written off completely or recast. Recall that Lori Loughlin lost her job on the Hallmark show after her arrest involving wire fraud and the college admissions scandal. Fans waiting patiently for Hallmark to revisit