Kim Kardashian ‘Devastated’ After Kanye West Claims She is Trying to Have Him ‘Locked Up’ During Suspected Bipolar Episode   Kardashian Devastated by Kanye’s Latest Bipolar Episode Mrs. Kardashian West ‘devastated’ over the statements that Kanye West has shared on social media recently. Kanye, whose recent aspirations include an impromptu 2020 presidential campaign, has suffered
Kanye West recently revealed that his political ties have changed dramatically. The now 43-year-old rapper/entrepreneur recently sat down with Forbes Magazine for an intimate exclusive interview that shed some light on his recent 2020 presidential bid and why he is no longer planning to support Donald Trump as he campaigns for a second term. Why
Colton Underwood has deleted all of his tweets prior to his The Bachelor season premiere, leaving fans very confused. The Bachelorette alumni has 131k followers but now only one tweet. It is a simple emoji from December 20th of a hand making a peace sign. Colton Underwood’s Deleted Tweets There’s a lot of speculation as to why Colton Underwood
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