Sister Wives

Sister Wives followers don’t always confine their interest to Kody Brown and his four sister wives. In fact, their adult children also garner many followers. Maddie Brown Brush, Janelle’s daughter took to her Instagram to unload about comments on education and mom-shaming. Actually, she’s just sick of it, feeling how moms choose to get an
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Sister Wives‘s Brown family had their Las Vegas homes on the market while committing to Flagstaff properties. Perhaps they expected buyers flocking in to live in their homes, but that never happened. However, April brought luck their way and Janelle Brown’s home sold just days after Christine’s. Meri Brown’s home remains the last Brown family
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Sister Wives’ daughter Aspyn Brown’s brave, and it shows. Tossing aside any body-shaming issues, she took to Instagram to post up what she describes as a body-positive bikini picture. Actually, those people capable of posting up slim and trim photos probably never understand how hard bigger people struggle with their self-image. For those who care
Sister Wives fans don’t always follow all the Brown family closely on Instagram. Because of that, Mitch Thompson managed to hilariously confuse fans over Maddie Brush’s pregnancy. It came after Madison posted up a photo of her recent cruise with LuLaroe in Puerto Rico. Sister Wives photo shows pregnant Madison Brush Christine Brown went on