Ryan Sutter

Former Bachelorette Trista Sutter went to social media this past weekend to talk about her and Ryan’s recent struggles. She asked for prayers from their followers. While they were thankful to learn Ryan does not have lymphoma, they still want answers. A mysterious illness has been plaguing Ryan for months with no diagnosis. Tuesday, Ryan spoke out
Trista and Ryan Sutter are icons in Bachelor history. They have endured many firsts together within the franchise. Trista was the first ever Bachelorette. She is also the first to marry her final choice. And, Trista and Ryan’s wedding was viewed by over 17 million people in the first Bachelor televised wedding in 2003. So what makes this special couple
Trista Sutter is an icon among Bachelor Nation fans. She was the runner-up on the first season of The Bachelor. Then, Trista went on to become the first ever Bachelorette. Longtime fans will remember her journey and her picking firefighter Ryan Sutter. She and Ryan married in a spectacular wedding presented on television. They went on to have two