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This season of Survivor, there will be four returning cast members to the island. This is a move the show pulls sometimes, but not always. So why does Survivor: Edge of Extinction bring back four cast members? Jeff Probst is telling all. ‘Survivor’ Brings Back Four Old Players For a while, Survivor was putting old players in every season.
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Bachelor fans rejoice, ABC is giving viewers all The Bachelor they can get. According to Bustle, there will be a two night Bachelor finale again. They also have announced a Bachelor in Paradise season renewal. That means another summer of love and drama in Mexico for viewers. Two Night Finale Last season of The Bachelor, ABC put out a two-night
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Big Brother stars, Swaggy C. and his fiancé, Bayleigh are in a Twitter battle with Kevin Schlehuber’s daughter after trying to put on a charity fundraiser for Kevin. Swaggy is not happy with the accusations. Big Brother Alum Try to Put on Fundraiser, a Breakdown Swaggy C. and Fessy always talked about having a basketball tournament once
Caelynn Miller-Keyes has been facing a lot of drama with other contestants on The Bachelor this season. Now, she’s opening up about something personal. Caelynn has revealed she was raped in college. She shared the sad moment with Colton Underwood in Singapore. ‘The Bachelor’ Caelynn Miller-Keyes Reveals Horrible Story Caelynn Miller-Keyes is holding nothing back as