Eric Waldrop

Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop gave fans a rare glimpse at her husband, Eric Waldrop, with their kids. The family has already started decorating their home for Christmas. Like most people, they took advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend. She made sure to document this moment. Eric and Courtney are known for sharing nine
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Sweet Home Sextuplets mom Courtney Waldrop shares that she pukes for a good cause. Keep reading to find out about this and more. Courtney Waldrop Pukes For A Good Cause Courtney Waldrop takes to Instagram to share the latest adventures her family’s been on. Her recent post shows a series of photos of her and
Sweet Home Sextuplets matriarch Courtney Waldrop goes on Instagram to share that she is free at last. What exactly is she free from? Keep reading to find out. Sweet Home Sextuplets Mom Courtney Waldrop is Free at Last Recently, Courtney Waldrop takes to her Instagram to share some good news. The mother of nine is