Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch star and Northwestern captain-in-training Mandy Hansen-Pederson has removed the Pederson portion of her last name. What do we know about this  her change back to her maiden name? Mandy Hansen-Pederson Returns To Maiden Name Deadliest Catch fans who may have bookmarked Mandy Hansen-Pederson’s Instagram page will need to create a new bookmark. Mandy
The latest Deadliest Catch news may divide fans of the the Northwestern. Captain Sig Hansen has implied that his daughter, Mandy Hansen-Pederson, will take over as captain, not Edgar Hansen, Sig’s wayward brother. What do we know about the future of the Northwestern? Sig Hansen Reveals A Lot of Deadliest Catch News Recently, Captain Sig
The Deadliest Catch Season 15 began with a bang, including a shocking revelation that Sig Hansen had a heart attack between seasons! Perhaps, the bigger shock is that chain-smoker Captain Sig has actually quit smoking cigarettes, just a few years after he suffered the mother of all heart attacks. What are the details behind Captain