Ashley Martson

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? fans heard that Ashey Martson disabled her Instagram yesterday. Social Influencer, John Yates shared about it on his account. However, that only lasted for a day, and Ashley’s account is back again. In fact, she said before heading to rehab that her “team” would look after it for “business
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90 Day Fiance fans watched through several months of Ashley Martson’s relationship with Jay Smith. First, the couple appeared on 90 Day Fiance‘s Season 6, and then on TLC’s Happily Ever After? spinoff. Along the way, after they faked a split, Ashley adamantly stated she’s done for good with reality TV. Actually, she blamed TLC
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90 Day Fiance followers know that Ashley Martson has health issues and recently came out of the hospital yet again. Dissed by trolls and even accused of faking illness, she posted up proof of her medical summary on Instagram Stories. Plus, she announced that she’s starting a YouTube channel. 90 Day Fiance couple accused of