The Bachelorette is in full swing and Bachelor in Paradise hasn’t even started. However, fans are already speculating who the next Bachelor will be for 2019. After all, it is the show that created all these different shows. Who will be the next Bachelor? There are so many options on who the 2019 Bachelor could be.
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The Bachelor fans saw that Lauren Luyendyk promised regular updates after baby Alessi Ren’s birth. Now, Alessi turned three-weeks-old and she posted another update. If you think interest in her and Arie’s baby’s dying away, you are wrong. Already, the three-hours-old post got nearly 40k likes. The Bachelor promise by Lauren Luyendyke about baby Alessi
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Bachelor alum, Kaitlyn Bristowe started dating her boyfriend, Jason Tartick, for just six months. However, according to Bustle, she’s already talking about starting a family. Is it too soon for her to think this far ahead? Bachelor Alum talks kids It’s Kaitlyn Bristowe’s birthday, but she’s buzzing for more than just that. Apparently, she’s already