Tresa Patterson

Tresa has been a passionate and prolific online writer for years, publishing thousands of articles and features in music, television, theatre, and to honor those who bring light to the world in wonderful ways. She is also a teacher, a cancer survivor (so far, by God's grace), an advocate for children, and a devoted pet parent. She never tires of telling the story behind the stage, from the core of the artist’s heart. She has cerebral palsy but refuses to let it have her. Tresa lives out her faith and music is her life- force.
Amber Bowles was clearly on Married a First Sight to find love and share a lifelong commitment when Season 9 of the arranged marriage experiment embarked from North Carolina.  The middle school teacher was instantly smitten with her international basketball-playing husband, Matt Gwynne, from the first time she laid eyes on him. The pair had
Last week saw the Married at First Sight Season 9 North Carolina couples, Greg and Deonna, Matt and Amber, Keith and Iris, and Jamie and Elizabeth all return from their romantic honeymoons to real lives as married couples. The moving-in day was mostly blissful for the marital matches. There was a bit of confusion over
Last week on Married at First Sight, fans saw Elizabeth Rice and Jamie Thompson get married. Also, Iris Caldwell and Keith Manley officially become man and wife. The free-spirited Elizabeth definitely showed her flirty side, loving all the dips and lavish kisses from Jamie.  Her dad, Ronnie, was not a fan of the newlyweds’ unabashed
Married at First Sight premiered its ninth season last week when two prospective “power couples” were forged.  Amber Bowles and her 2-feet taller basketball-player husband, Matt Gwynne, made it official and made the most of every kiss they could get.  It didn’t matter who was watching. Deonna McNeil and Greg Okotie had a heart-to-heart about