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Spurgeon Seewald Shuts Down Henry’s Murderous Thoughts

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Former Counting On star Spurgeon Seewald is happy to offer advice to his younger brother, Henry. Spurgeon, 6, recently responded to four-year-old Henry’s thoughts about murder. So, what exactly happened during this interesting conversation?

As we’ve reported, Jessa Seewald often shares the witty and cute things her kids say. The mom to four also has a two-year-old daughter, Ivy, and a four-month-old daughter, Fern. So far, most of the posts have been about Spurgeon and Henry, but as Ivy begins talking more, fans can look forward to some of her funny sayings too.

Fans enjoy following Jessa on social media to see the “Sayings of Spurgeon” and “Sayings of Henry.” They also love seeing the pictures and videos the former Counting On star shares of her adorable kids.

Now, she’s shared a conversation between her two sons, and fans think it’s hilarious. Read on to see what the boys said and how murder even came up.

Spurgeon Seewald reacts to Henry’s murderous statement.

In a new Facebook post, Jessa explains the conversation that went down between the brothers. It looks like they are both understanding the concept of rules, but Spurgeon doesn’t think Henry totally gets it yet.

Jessa writes:

“We were discussing the rule that Ivy cannot open her carseat chest strap while we’re driving, only when the car is parked.

Henry: ‘I have another good rule! If we’re at someone’s house and someone has a hammer and nails, no banging it into someone’s head.’

Spurgeon: ‘No, Henry, no one would do that. The Bible says not to murder.'”

So, Spurgeon quickly put an end to the talk about murder. It looks like he’s trying to make sure his brother follows the rules and doesn’t even think about hurting anyone.

Naturally, fans are loving this conversation the brothers had, and they think they are hilarious together. The post received many laugh reactions on Facebook, as well as hundreds of comments. One fan jokes that things “escalated quickly.” Another adds, “You have to admit-That is a good rule!”

Many fans hope that Jessa keeps these hilarious posts coming. One writes, “Your kids are hilarious. You should write a book.”

Jessa Seewald Facebook
Jessa Seewald Facebook

So, what do you think of Spurgeon Seewald’s response to his little brother, Henry’s “murderous” thoughts? Do you love seeing the cute and funny things that Jessa’s kids say? Let us know in the comments section down below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar updates.

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