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‘Too Hot To Handle’ Star Carly Lawrence Beefs With Tana Mongeau

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Too Hot To Handle star Carly Lawrence is definitely not here for any shaming. If you caught the second season of the hit Netflix reality show, you saw many attractive singles mix and mingle. Carly Lawrence had more than one flame on the show. She quickly got involved with Chase de Moor, but moved on to Joey Joy after a while. Carly and Joey broke up earlier this year when she revealed he cheated on her.

Sometimes love is messy and things like this happen. But Carly isn’t in the mood for dealing with people who want to shame her for her dating history. Read on to see what happened.

Carly Lawrence and podcaster Tana Mongeau are beefing right now

Tana Mongeau is the host of the Cancelled podcast. In a recent episode, Tana allegedly poked fun at Carly and her string of beaus on Too Hot To Handle. Carly clapped back at Tana on her own Instagram story.

“I have been getting an overload of DMs about a podcast where I was maliciously sl*t shamed,” Carly captioned her story. “And have been asked why I have not stood up for myself yet. Enough of the bullying and spinning tales. I’m perplexed as to why, after the first round of attempting to leverage me for something to talk about on a podcast, I received an ‘apology.'”

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The next image revealed the text message apology, allegedly from Tana.

“Hi just wanted to text and say I’m sorry people are commenting on your tik toks and sh** about the story on the podcast, I’m sure you won’t believe me but I truly didn’t think people would put two and two together,” the first text read, immediately followed by, “I truly don’t dislike you or feel any sort of animosity.”

Carly fired off a reply of her own, ending it with a seemingly passive-aggressive, “Be well.” Tana issued another text message, the end of which is cut off. Screenrant obtained screenshots of the stories.

In the next image, Carly went on to thank her fans and supporters. It seems like no matter what happened with Tana, she’s choosing to keep moving forward.

The reality star moves on and is living her best life

As we said above, Carly Lawrence and Joey Joy left the show together but are no longer a couple. As per Carly’s Instagram stories earlier this year, he cheated on her and she left him.

Many fans speculated that she and costar Nathan Webb are a hot item, but they’re actually just really good friends. Through thick and thin, Carly and Nathan have each other’s backs. Many fans feel that it’s a very refreshing friendship and can’t wait to see more of the two.

Nathan Webb/Instagram

Keep checking back for the latest Too Hot To Handle news. We’ll let you know as soon as we know more about this situation or any other stories.

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