Katie Thurston, Blake Moynes and John Hersey

Was Katie Thurston Deceiving Blake Moynes? His Mom Gives Hint

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There has been speculation for some time that there was more than friendship between Katie Thurston and John Hersey. The rumors intensified when Katie and Blake Moynes split not long ago. They maintained they were just friends. In fact, it was the rumors while her season aired that reportedly led her to become close friends with John. Now, as Katie concludes her 12 days of messy in honor of Taylor Swift by announcing she’s dating John, many wonder for how long. Did she deceive Blake? Emily Moynes seemingly gives a few clues to this mystery that fans are dying to know.

Did Katie Thurston deceive Blake Moynes?

Katie Thurston’s 12 days of messy started with Blake Moynes and the song “We Are Never Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift. It concluded with “Begin Again” as she announced her new romance with John. The news comes after her post on Monday indicated big news was coming. Fans immediately started talking thinking the last day would be John.

While preparing for the big final reveal of her 12 days of messy Katie went on Instagram and deleted all of her photos of Blake along with the other men from her season. The only photos she left were of John. Blake then unfollowed Katie. As of Tuesday afternoon he still follows John and she still follows Blake.

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes/YouTube
Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes/YouTube

It also turns out that today wasn’t the first time she shared “Begin Again” with fans. She shared it as she looked sadly at the camera on November 11. This was just a few short weeks after she and Blake called it quits.

Now, fans are wondering how long the love affair has been going on with John. Was she deceiving Blake? Emily Moynes may have just given a few clues. She actually liked a few comments on Instagram that seemed to indicate there is more to the story.

One of the comments she liked said, “Me too, I feel like it was probably her who initiated the split he was probably all in.”

Another liked commented said “Nah this is terrible on Katie’s part. I feel truly sorry for Blake. In any relationship, you put a sense of ‘trust’ in one another, especially long-distance relationships. There’s no denying the dishonesty and deception for months upon months.”

Katie and John

So far neither Katie nor John have commented on how long they have been together. In fact, John has not said anything at all yet. Blake has not come forward with a statement either.

Many believe they have been together a while. However, Katie’s rep shared with Page Six a comment about the new couple. They said, “It’s known Katie and John became close friends post-season.” They continued, “John has been there for her through all the major changes in her life, and they are excited to explore this newly found romantic connection.”

What do you think about Katie and John?

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