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Joe Namath’s 2021 Net Worth Revealed


Joe Namath was a quarterback who played professional football back when there were actually two competing leagues in the AFL and the NFL. Over his 13-year-career he saw the birth of the current NFL while spending the majority of his time with the New York Jets before moving onto the Los Angeles Rams for one season.

Thanks to his Super Bowl-winning play, his long career, and his outgoing personality in a league that was known as being very buttoned-up, he is one of football’s most iconic figures.

Before he became a member of the New York Jets, he made his name playing for the Alabama Crimson Tide and it’s here where he introduced himself to the American public in a very big way. Coincidently, Alabama was also a program that wasn’t exactly known for individual personalities but he shown there as well.

Joe Namath’s NFL Career

While Namath was considered one of the better quarterbacks of his era, his statistics were never all that impressive when looked at them from a wide-angle lens.

However, when his Jets made Super Bowl III, he became a household name. Joe Namath steered the Jets over the Baltimore Colts and was named the Super Bowl MVP. On top of that, the Jets’ win legitimized that the AFL is on par with its NFL counterparts, shutting down the criticisms that the AFL was inferior to the NFL.

Joe Namath
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The quarterback actually played in a period of time when being a professional athlete paid well, but it wasn’t anywhere near the lucrative career it is today. That’s why most of his net worth when he was younger and still playing came from off the field.

Endorsement Deals

The QB’s outgoing personality was perfect for the city he played in. The late 60s and early 70s was the dawn of a new era when it came to advertising.

Professional athletes were becoming more well-known because of television. His being willing to talk to the media allowed him to get on camera more than others.

That in turn led to a ton of commercials over the years. That helped him earn quite a bit of cash over the years. And that in turn helped him build a bit of a financial empire. These days, Joe Namath is estimated to be worth about $25 million.

In addition to commercials, he also had his own show in 1969 called The Joe Namath Show. He also appeared in multiple TV shows and movies throughout the late 60s until the mid-2010s.

Crafting an entertainment career that spanned decades boosted his net worth quite a bit. However, these days he’s mostly laying low.

Joe Name is also someone who can afford to lay low. He’s got plenty of money in the bank these days.

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