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Hannah Brown Spills All – Who Was Better In Bed, Peter or Jed?

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Hannah Brown is getting messy in her new book. Which Bachelorette suitor was better in bed – Peter or Jed?

Former Bachelorette and Dancing With The Stars winner releases tell-all

Tuesday, November 23, is a day Hannah Brown and her fans have been looking forward to for months. It’s the release day for her tell-all book about her time on the reality show and life as a beauty queen.

God Bless This Mess recounts both Brown’s early childhood, pre-Bachelor dating experiences, as well as her time on the franchise. Originally a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, Hannah Brown nabbed the lead role for Season 15 of The Bachelorette.

Credit: Hannah Brown/Instagram
Credit: Hannah Brown/Instagram

Additionally, she competed on, and won, Season 28 of Dancing With The Stars. The TV personality doesn’t hold back in her memoir. What did she say about ex-fiance Jed Wyatt and former suitor Peter Weber?

Hannah Brown reveals who was better in bed – Peter or Jed

During The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown famously slept with Peter Weber in a windmill, which she loudly announced to suitor Luke Parker, who was upset that she had intimate encounters with the other contestants.

Despite sleeping with Peter, she ultimately chose Jed Wyatt for her final rose, getting engaged to the aspiring musician. Their relationship didn’t last long amid rumors that Wyatt had another girlfriend back home.

In her new book, Hannah Brown gets personal about intimate details of their relationship. After sleeping with both Jed and Peter on their respective fantasy suite dates, Hannah dishes which one is better in bed. The winner? Peter.

Earlier this month, an excerpt from her book leaked, revealing that she had another hook-up with Peter Weber in February of 2020, when his season of The Bachelor was still airing. That time, however, Hannah reveals that the encounter wasn’t that good.

NSFW question Jed had about windmill hook-up

After finding out that Hannah had been intimate with Peter during the fantasy suite dates, Jed had just one question: Who had the bigger ‘thing’? Us Weekly reports that the starlet deftly dodged the questions, “He also asked me if his thing was bigger than Peter’s. Why do guys always ask that? ‘I don’t even remember.’ I told him.”

Credit: Hannah Brown/Instagram
Credit: Hannah Brown/Instagram

One of her former contestants she didn’t get to hook-up with after the show was Tyler Cameron, despite her best efforts.

Brown revealed that she shared a bed with Cameron when they were in quarantine together at the start of the pandemic. However, nothing happened, not even a kiss.

Do you think Hannah Brown was out of line sharing such intimate details about her former suitors? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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