‘Yellowstone:’ Who Is Garrett Randall?

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With the fourth season of Yellowstone now in full swing, we’re learning a bit more about the big players in the latest season. Among those that are front and center is Garrett Randall.

While there’s a story behind the character it appears as though there are still some things that viewers need to find out about him.

Enter Garrett Randall

Garrett Randall joined the show for season three, with his true identity as Jamie Dutton’s biological father revealed in episode seven.

Jamie, who had just found out that he was adopted, was obviously a bit emotional when he first met him. There was also some worry from the younger Dutton that he had inherited his willingness to take another life from his biological father.

When Jamie found out about Randall, it was also revealed that his real dad is an ex-con who spent thirty years in prison for the murder of Jamie’s mother, Phyllis. He killed her after coming home and discovering that she was being unfaithful to him.

While Garrett explained himself, he shed a bit more light on the murder that John Dutton had told him. John painted Randall in the worst way possible, but the ex-con wanted Jamie to know there was more to the story.

He tried to justify his actions by telling Jamie that his mother was negligent and addicted to drugs and that, ultimately, killing her shielded Jamie from a horrible life. Considering that Jamie went to Harvard and is now the Montana Attorney General, it appears the murderer made the right decision.

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However, there might be more going on in Yellowstone than what we’ve seen so far.

Yellowstone Murder Plot

One of the main mysteries of the show’s fourth season is centered around finding out who was behind the attack on the Duttons and the Yellowstone ranch.

In the fourth episode, Jamie discovers that his dad is an old cellmate of Riggins, the man who is known to have ordered the hit that included a bombing and gunmen coming after everyone in the family.

It could all just be a coincidence or a red herring, but it certainly looks like Garrett could be linked to the attack.

It’s become clear that Randall and John Dutton are enemies from long ago. The question is going to be whether or not the bad blood is quite a bit worse than anyone first realized.

Who Plays Garrett Randall

Those who have watched Yellowstone have likely felt as though they recognized the actor wh0 played the criminal. Will Patton is well known as a character actor. His gruff voice and weathered appearance are perfect for Randall’s character.

Now that he’s entered the picture in Yellowstone, it’s going to be interesting to see if he’s really the mastermind of the attack.

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