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‘Teen Mom’: Jenelle Evans’ Ex Nathan Griffith Reveals Shocking Life Update

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It has been a tough year not only for former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans but for the men in her life present and past. TM2 fans know that when it comes to Jenelle nothing is ever easy. However, it seems that Jenelle’s bad luck has also plagued her ex-baby daddy Nathan Griffith.

Nathan claims he has come upon some very hard times in his life. Recently Griffith took to his Instagram to share a very emotional and shocking update pertaining to his life according to The Sun. Nathan reveals he is not doing well when it comes to his mental health. He claims he has ‘lost interest in everything.’

Credit: YouTube/MTV
Credit: YouTube/MTV

Jenelle Evans’ Ex Nathan Talks Depression

Things appear to go from bad to worse as Nathan began detailing his depression and deteriorating physical health.  From inside a gym locker room, Griffith began his Instagram story, The sad former reality star states,  that he “could not live in here another day.” He also claims that he has lost 12 pounds because he has not been eating.

Nathan Griffith goes on to reveal that he has lost his love and desire for the gym. He writes, “Honestly, I have lost everything I cared about.” He next urges his followers to watch his next segment feature about depression claiming it would be beneficial.

So what is going on with Jenelle’s ex Nathan? During a past interview, Nathan told The Sun that following his tour in Afghanistan he suffers from PTSD. He claims his PTSD is so bad that he is considered 100 percent disabled and unable to work.

Credit: Nathan Griffith Instagram
Credit: Nathan Griffith Instagram

“Who wants to be on the streets of Afghanistan picking up bodies? We were dealing with people who were blown up. Then you have to take these bodies in bags to their family members and say, ‘Hey, I’m sorry your husband, father, brother was a suicide bomber.””

Griffith also claims that dating Jenelle and being in the spotlight also had some effect on his condition. He claims at that time he would get pulled over by the police a lot. He also adds that losing his very dear friend best friend and fellow marine really “took a toll” on him. Nathan is the father of two children, son Kaiser, 7, with Jenelle and daughter Emery from a previous relationship.

Is Jenelle Evans To Blame?

Nathan does not mention his children while he is revealing his downward life spiral. However, over the summer Jenelle revealed to fans that Kaiser was spending the entire summer with his dad. Jenelle has also not really mentioned Nathan, or anything recent about their co-parenting relationship status.

Could be that Jenelle has had a lot on her mind in recent months regarding her own life. As previously reported, Evans recently took to social media in hysterics revealing to her followers that she had lost her clothing line deal due to her haters. If that was not enough to deal with Jenelle’s husband David Eason was also arrested that same evening.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Hard Times

That and the fact that that they are thousands of dollars behind in taxes to the IRS, Jenelle’s recent but short TikTok ban, and the news she is awaiting biopsy results for one of her many health issues is a lot for anyone to cope with. As for Nathan Griffith, fans are sending him and Jenelle positive vibes and wishing them recovery in all that ails them.


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