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What Does Nathan Bates Do For A Living?

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What does Bringing Up Bates star Nathan Bates do for a living? Bates family fans are wondering how he and his new wife, Esther Keyes, were able to go on a two-week-long honeymoon after tying the knot in October.

On social media, since Nathan and Esther got married, they have been sharing beautiful honeymoon photos together. The pair spent a couple of weeks traveling together and relaxing as husband and wife. When sharing a few honeymoon photos, Esther wrote, “The best part of being married, is getting to spend every day with the one I love❤️”

It certainly looks like these two had a blast on their getaway. But now, fans have some questions about how they could afford to get away for so long.

Nathan Bates Instagram (Wedding)
Nathan Bates Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans curious about the couple’s finances.

In a new confession to Duggar Bates Confessions, a fan pointed out that Nathan and Esther’s honeymoon seemed pretty long. They wonder how the Bates family could afford such a big honeymoon.

One fan speculates, “Many couples take a week+ for their honeymoon! It could’ve been a gift from her parents.. or they saved up…”

Others question the cost of the trip, however, and one claims that Nathan has “never had a real job.”

Some fans think that the honeymoon might have been featured on the show, which would help cover some of the expenses.

Duggar Bates Confessions
Duggar Bates Confessions

What is Nathan Bates’ career?

According to Fundamentalists Fandom, Nathan is an EMR and a reserved deputy sheriff with the Anderson County Sheriff Department. He also has his private pilot’s license and was planning to get his commercial license as well.

As Bringing Up Bates fans know, he appears on his family’s show. It’s unclear how the Bates family pays each of their children for their appearances on the show, however.

According to Zip Recruitera private pilot can make anywhere from $37,000 to $200,000 annually. This varies greatly by a number of factors. It doesn’t look like Nathan is a pilot full-time because he works several jobs.

Also according to Zip RecruiterEMRs make $34,500 to $118,500 per year.

Because Nathan works several jobs, we don’t know how much he makes annually and how often he works each of these positions. But, between all of his jobs, he found a way to afford a wonderful getaway with his new wife.

So, did you know how Nathan Bates makes a living? Are you surprised that he was able to go on such a long honeymoon with his new wife, Esther? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. In the show you can tell Nathan is a hard worker so I am not surprised at all that he has earned enough to take a long honeymoon trip with his new wife. Plus he has lived at his parents home for most of his life, if not all. By not paying rent (assuming he did to have to pay rent to his parents after a certain age) all these years he was able to save money and be there to help his family as well. I hope he and Ester have a healthy and happy future together.

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